When partnering with us, advisers have more time for meaningful conversations with their clients by outsourcing the daily investment management to 2IP. Our partners gain these benefits:

Productivity and Scalability

Outsourcing the investment management process frees them up to have more time for meaningful conversations with more clients.

Clarity and Consistency

Our experience and disciplined approach separates news from noise to provide clarity in a way that is consistent in application as well as outcome.


Our partners rely on the institutional quality of our research in terms of breadth and depth of the investment universe we cover.

De-risking and Compliance

We assume the investment risk and ensure our processes meet the standard of duty of care in terms of the regulatory requirements.

What can you expect?

An experienced and truly independent investment research and management team that provides a conflict free professional service for the benefit of their partners. We align our portfolio solutions to compliment our partners advice processes.

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Services We Provide

We provide a range of Discretionary Fund Management services for advisors looking to spend more time with their clients focussing on their total personal financial wellness

Strategic Asset Allocation

The asset mix is a key factor in setting an appropriate level of risk and determining the probability of success for any portfolio that has a defined return objective.

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Fund Manager Research

Manager research (due diligence) is one of our core capabilities. We form an independent qualitative view of a manager and test if our understanding is supported.

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Macro Research

Cognisance of the latest market developments and asset valuation trends facilitates an appropriate tactical asset allocation overlay for each portfolio solution.

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Risk Management

Investment return is the reward for assuming a specified level of risk. Not taking enough risk can be as detrimental as taking excessive risk, given the context to meet an objective.

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How We Do It

The team has extensive expertise in fund and asset manager research, with wide-spread industry recognition for their capability in not merely selecting the appropriate long-term funds, but doing so with the necessary understanding and conviction of how the varying fund manager styles, also within a particular asset class, should be combined to deliver robust portfolio solutions.

We cover a comprehensive universe of fund managers and provide collated research summaries and updates to IFAs and their clients in a customisable format.

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Our Latest Articles

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

Why Consider 2IP?

Advisors increasingly move away from the toxic approach of performance-based selling towards goal-based advice. There is an increasing awareness that the advisor’s true value is not in selling the “financial plan as a product” but rather the important discipline of “sound decision making as a service”.

We aim to:

  • Provide clarity and consistency.
  • Spend more time having meaningful conversations with their clients.
  • Increase the productivity and scalability of our partner firms.
  • Provide regulatory compliance within the investment process.
  • Assist in supporting and keeping the advisory force informed.
  • Better clarity and outcomes for clients – achieving their personal goals.
  • Provide a regular communication strategy – client communications.
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Platform Solutions

At 2IP we cater for a broad spectrum of Model Portfolio and multi-asset class solutions across most of the major industry platforms and linked investment service providers (LISPs).


Corporate Clients

2IP also provide on contract specialist outsource services to selected corporate clients.

Our Team

The founding members of 2IP Independent Investment Partners are the core asset management and senior executive team who previously all worked together servicing the IFA market for the last 9 years. In 2014 the decision was made to constitute 2IP based on the business principles of independence, integrity and a clearly communicated vision. A cornerstone of the founders’ obstinate belief is that our business conduct should reflect our investment philosophy.

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