The products and services of 2IP are the provision of asset management solutions and multi-management research services to Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs). Our services include macro-economic research, asset allocation modelling, fund manager research, portfolio construction, risk management and reporting.

The end product to clients comprises Model Portfolio solutions or Fund of Funds across the risk-return spectrum and includes both domestic and offshore portfolios, as well as long-only and hedge solutions.


Strategic Asset Allocation

Key requisite in determining that the espoused long-term return target for any multi-manager product will be achieved.


Fund Manager Research

The team have a combined expertise of over 40 years in fund and asset manager research.


Risk Management

Risk Management is an ongoing process which has several important dimensions and these are the underpin and conerstones of our approach (see also our Investment Philosophy).


Portfolio Construction

A combination of proprietary models and best-of-breed industry software and data vendors are utilised in this process, along with a bespoke range of reporting templates which clients can utilise to view their portfolio.


Macro Research

Cognisance of the latest market developments and asset valuation trends facilitates an appropriate tactical asset allocation overlay for each portfolio solution.